Serbia builds summer ski slopes in Kopaonik Mountain, which is a national park. The goal is to also develop summer tourism by attracting more tourists. Thus, the slopes can be used almost all year round. While in Bulgaria the Greens, headed by Toma Belev, sabotage all the projects and do not allow any slopes and lifts to be built up. Mr. Belev, do you run this country so we all need to obey and listen to you while you are not even in the parliament and people have not elected you. Bulgaria is not run by Boyko Borisov, but by Toma Belev. Our country is a leader in the winter tourism in the Balkans and it has even greater potential. But for more than 15 years the Greens have stopped the development of the mountains. On the other hand, our neighbors are progressing in the development and management of their national parks. Even with their lower mountains. Serbia builds summer ski slopes in a national park. Toma Belev does not allow anything happens in Bulgaria Kopaonik is known with its old Bulgarian name Kopalnik and also as the Srebrna Mountain. This is the highest mountain in Serbia, if we exclude Stara Planina (Western Stara Planina) with its peak Midzhur. It is located in the Central Serbia on the border between the Pomoravie and Poibrie. The high estpeak–Panchichev peak (2017 m), named after the most popular Serbian researcher and botanist in 19th century Yosif Panchich, of Bunjevci origin. The High part of Kopaonik is a plateau, located in the Kopaonik national park, covering an area of 118.1 The reserve was established in 1981. The mountain massifs of Kopaonik are about 75 km long and situated in the northwest-southeast. Its width is nearly 40 km. The most famous ski resort in Serbia is located in the national park – a Serbian resort, including many hotels with ski slopes and facilities. The eponymous museum of the most popular Serbian environmentalist Yosif Panchich is located on the Panchichev peak, with a Serbian military base situated around it. Kopaonik is a popular tourist destination. The largest lead and zinc mine in Europe – Trepcha is located at the south-western foothills of the mountain, and at the foot of Panchichev Peak - the Belo Brdo mine. To theeast, Yankova Gorge separates Kopalnik from Yastrebets. In Bulgaria, the Greens and Toma Belev stop all kinds of projects for the development of winter tourism. They do the same with the mining projects, such is the case in Tran.