Look at another false accusation of the ecologist. “Another fake news: It is obvious that lying has become a life-style for the Greens and a major political argument”– this is what the Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov wrote in his Facebook account. The reason for his words was a statement of the well-known ecologist Toma Belev, who wrotein his Facebook account on Wednesday afternoon the lie that Simeonov was staying at the 5-star Ritz-Carlton hotel in Bahrain. Valeri Simeonov denounced Toma Belev in spreading fake news “It's ugly and unfair because the representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Water and me have been allocated into middle-class hotels where the price for the overnight stay falls within the state-defined limit for accommodation. It is better to explain where his female colleague from the Greens is sleeping, at whose expenses and whose interests does he defend in Bahrain? We are here not to have fun but to repair the damages caused by the outrages done by local green non-governmental organizations, hidden behind fake causes and ruining the entrepreneurship and tourism in Bulgaria”, Valeri Simeonov also writes. Later on, Toma Belev, after being caught in a lie by the Deputy Prime Minister, edited the initial version of his status and reproached the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov sending his subordinates on business trips to“veryniceplaces”.

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