Bosses of the green are cooking barbeque at an eco-school, shocked witnesses of the ugly scene report, wondering why people, who call themselves ecologists, light fires in the middle of the protected village. Naked from the waist up, with happy faces and bones in hand, Andrey Kovachev, Petko Kovachev and Petko Tsvetkov are posing for the picture. The three men are among the bosses of several NGO’s funded with grants that appropriate a significant part of the money allocated to ecology in Bulgaria, together with the leader of the greens Toma Belev. Their connection to nature shown on the photo however contradicts the ideology they proclaim in TV studios. The green bosses have decided to organize a feast with whole lambs at the eco-village of Vlahi that was built with money of the European taxpayers to be used as an eco-school for adolescents. Lambs on spits and rich tables have not been in any way envisaged, and furthermore the men in question have not contributed at all for the construction of the site, besides by using it for free. “Is it normal to roast lambs at eco-schools built with European money,” wonder the indignant witnesses of the scene. As our media reported last year, Bulgaria was close to losing BGN 2 billion and the chance to finish Struma Motorway which is key to the national economy because of the scheme of the green betrayers and pseudo-ecologists. Our media showed the disgraceful ideologists and helpers of the scandalous member of the European Parliament Radan Kanev who acted against their motherland. The personal assistant of the failed favourite Ivan Kostov is nursing them at the European Parliament and taking them out for coffee. These people moved forward a significant part of the accusations to the EP in an attempt to stop the implementation of the project but at the end of the day they received a loud slap in the face by the members of the EP and their petition was rejected. Now Bulgaria can continue building the motorway in peace. The photos taken in Brussels back then show how the pseudo-green activist Petko Kovachev from the Green Policy Institute and Dimitar Vasilev-Velin from the Nature School Foundation are lounging in the buffet of the members of the EP in the company of a female friend. Standing up next to them, making them feel comfortable, is Radan Kanev’s assistant Zaritsa Georgieva. As PIK has already reported, she also belongs to the circle of the green octopus Toma Belev. She is a member of the National Council of the Green Movement which is the political party of the wannabe ecologists. As PIK has shown time and again, For Nature in Bulgaria is also among the green NGOs of the circle from the lamb feast. This same circle also includes the illegitimate chair of the Association of Parks Toma Belev and his wife Veselina Kavrakova, managing the Bulgarian branch of the Swiss offshore organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The group also includes the wife of Andrey Kovachev with the lamb: Katerina Rakovska working at WWF-Bulgaria. The coalition is one with a political party called The Greens until recently. Early last year the formation changed its name. The reason was a final court decision according to which the name The Greens has been stolen and used illegally for 11 years. Currently the party is called Green Movement; it is a member of Democratic Bulgaria, together with Atanas Atanasov’s Democrats for Strong Bulgaria and Hristo Ivanov Majoto’s Yes Bulgaria. Source: