PP “Green Party” gave a press conference in connection with a Sofia City Court decision. Party spokesman Valentin Simov said: "The court has made a final decision and it was written in the following form: Condemn the political party “Green Party” to cease the use of name “The political party of the “greens”.

One 11-year saga passed, these are names and trust thieves of the Bulgarian citizens, who for so many years took advantage of a false decision of the Sofia City Court. To date, the court has restored confidence to us. Three instances made it clear that the law was then violated. An absolute lie are any insinuations that before the elections anything is won and is done in this way. Since 2017 was the first decision of the Sofia City Court, and the claim itself was filed in early 2017. So there are no such miscarriages of “green boys” in quotes to complain that we want their name to be deleted before elections. If anyone wants to dig into the court documents of in their memorandum, there is a statement from a lady who warns them that the choice of that name is unlawful and will lead to severe consequences for them. Of course, this warning was ignored and henceforth began the undermining of Bulgarian society confidence how many “green” parties there are, who they represent and how to steal legal voices. Some media continued to print them in their statements as the “green” party. To appeal by request to all media to be so kind in their broadcasts to stop printing the name “green” based on this decision of the Sofia City Court, which is confirmed by both the appellate court and the court of cassation, was one of the reasons to call today's press conference. We will send such a letter to the Central Electoral Commission, such a letter with the request of the name being deleted has been sent to the Sofia City Court and also sent to the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Bulgaria. We hope today to end speculation with the names. My advice to them is to avoid the word “green” in their name. On April 21, they have convened a congress where they will change their name and their statutes, and we are now warning them that from the moment we see some word “green” or “green alliance” or “green coordination”, new lawsuits will follow, which we hope will be won and once and for all to finish this saga, Valentin Simov said. Source: topnovini.bg