The “Greens” are again trying to stumble the construction of the Struma Motorway. For this purpose, a gathering in Kresna will be held tomorrow, in which the locals will be agitated about how damaging will be if the motorway passes through the Kresna Gorge. According to them, the motorway would have to go completely out of the gorge, because it would mean an end to rural and rafting tourism, wrote "Trud". This debate has already been held two years ago in the municipalities of Kresna and Simitli. The people there stated categorically that they support the eastern version of the motorway, that is, one road lane passes in front of the gorge and the other climbs up the ridge. Widespread public discussions and comments were made, and it was understood that this option was compromise and profitable solution for all people living and developing business and tourism in the area. Then the mayor of Kresna Nikolay Georgiev expressed his full support for the eastern version. In his words, this version is the best of all the others. This option for separating the motorway is economically most advantageous and most environmentally friendly. If the current European route E-79 is used as a road lane in the direction of Greece on the new motorway, then a lot of traders will re-enter the city in order to rest and to eat and to buy food. And if the whole route goes up in the area of the village of Stara Kresna, no one will go through our town, Georgiev was categorical. Meanwhile, it became clear that the Struma Motorway section near Blagoevgrad, known more as Pokrovnik-Poligona, is ready for opening. It was slowed down because of the discovered archaeological finds a year ago. Source: