From Krapets to Durankulak; in the gulf of Bolata, on the beach at Shkorpilovtsi… Pick a random vacant area on the Black Sea coast and there you will find the new hipsters: motorized, rich, cheeky, insolent, aggressive and dirty, very dirty. This explains why they always leave destruction in their wake, turning otherwise beautiful places in public cloacae, extensive toilets under the stars whose area expands at the whim of the wind.

Mobile homes, camper vans, tents, awnings: anyone craving the freedom to spend several days without any rules, hygiene or responsibility for their actions completely free of charge settles somewhere on our beaches. Our Romanian neighbors have long perceived the Bulgarian coast as a place full of bliss where they can afford to make a total mess without ever being caught… by the beach towel or the beer case, for example. In a television report broadcasted by Nova TV a Romanian shared that he has been coming to this place for four years now, completely free of charge, and it has never occurred to him that the party is, in fact, illegal. And why should it? If the public authorities try to perform their functions and send authorized representatives to end the camping of the clueless, ecologists will immediately pop up to protest for the right of… free movement guaranteed by the Constitution. The Constitution, however, does not mention anything about uncontrolled fertilization and destruction of protected areas, or arbitrary law and rights to dispose of state property. When the ombudsman Maya Manolova supported the protests against the rules limiting wild camping, did she know that she was giving her personal support for filth and aggression against nature comparable to an ecological disaster? In late June a traditional group of vocal wreckers blocked Eagles’ Bridge under the specious pretext that they oppose the overdevelopment of the Black Sea coast. It did not matter that the main purpose of the government was to enforce rules for wild camping in order to stop people from making a huge mess and abusing nature. Still Maya Manolova stood with them. At the end of the day these people are from Sofia and, in her deep hesitation whether to run for mayor, a little bit of sympathy from the capital goes a long way. Right next to the water of the Gulf of Bolata, another settlement of nature lovers was born. They came with camper vans, cars, mobile homes, tents, barbeques, awnings – a veritable new village! The impostors settle on the beach as if it’s their own property and rage as they please. You will not hear a single ecologist from the group that obstructs the construction of the Struma Motorway, for example, say a word regarding the flying napkins and toilet paper scattered by the wild campers on the beaches, around dams and in forests. This is their “right”. The creation of modern conditions for accommodation and the construction of adequate infrastructure, however, are considered by these ecologists as aggression to the land. All residents along the beaches attacked by the tourist Huns complain about the tons of garbage left by the lovers of the free exploitation of nature. In two weeks, there will be another campaign to clean Bulgaria and these regions will happily report about the tons of rubbish collected by the volunteers. Exciting and beautiful! There must be space for next year’s lawlessness! For another year the municipality of Shabla alone needs to pay about 150 000 BGN to clean the rank dung-hills and no campaign can save them from this inevitable responsibility. When a country has natural assets, their preservation is guaranteed by appropriate management. This management excludes the creation of destinations for free tourism that also bring about irreversible ecological damage. [caption id="attachment_444503" align="aligncenter" width="466"] Nova News: A BEACH OR A TOILET?
Tourists turned the coast near Shkorpilovtsi into a dump[/caption] Why don’t ecologists care about the real environmental problems? After a section of the Struma Motorway almost burned, because a whole dump was created in the foundations of a bridge – possibly a first worldwide! – inspections of the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) established similar outrageous cases under another 120 bridges. No one has ever heard of ecologists concerned with this type of illegal pollution of the ecosystems in the respective regions. The dumps (most of these 120 are unauthorized) undoubtedly represent an enormous problem relating to the soil, air, water sources and the feeding habits of the fauna. Why wasn’t there a single green, nature-oriented person from a relevant organization to alert the Prosecutor’s Office that unknown persons use the national infrastructure for criminal activity? The Greens simply have no interest in this. The ecologists will not become active on this matter, unless they find a way to make money from garbage. All superficial simulations of activity at the Ministry of Tourism are entirely uncalled for, as the institution cannot bring order into camping. Another two years will pass to allegedly improve the relevant regulation, just to make sure. During this time the mayors will be unable to chase away the impostors. They will not have a mechanism to impose fines, to stop the campers, to state that the land is not the personal toilet of a bunch of hobos. The pungent stench rising from the warm sand is also subject to… division. According to the people who regularly live on the beach for free, they are not the ones making the mess. Conceivably they have reached the peak performance of a zero-waste technology embedded in their bodies. According to them, the mess is made by “those” coming just for the weekend. When a media decides to battle the squatters, it asks them straight in the face why they are disposing of something they do not own. If, however, the same people are targeted by the state authorities with the aim to be removed, the media attack politely the institutions and give the microphones to the unfortunate hipsters that like this kind of talk: “This is my country! I love being in Bulgaria. They will not make me leave my country! I am cleaning my mess and I am being nice, but they are chasing me instead of going after the criminals! I will not give up my constitutional right to free movement!” (and, respectively, anchoring wherever I please – but this is not said out loud). The free-riders with tents bring trouble not only to the settlements but also to the beaches, forests and all other places chosen randomly by them. They are acting to the detriment of our national image; they are the proof of the governmental infirmity in the creation of rules connected to the protection of the environment as a whole. On the one hand, unknown people can enter our country, settle wherever they like and do as they please, because there isn’t a single regulation that can stop them. On the other hand, the critical infrastructure of the country is threatened by willful misconduct of various people who decide to use the national roads as dumps or free roofs over business ventures. On this background, we witnessed a ridiculous situation. At the beginning of August this year, yet another group of impostors set up camp on Yavorov’s Rocks in Pomorie. They settled straight on the rocks, prepared a place to light a fire and pitched a tent. This time there was no need for the authorities to intervene. The locals confronted the Ukrainian tourists and stated that they would be left with no tent, belongings or a vehicle, if they did not shoot off immediately, preferably out of town. The rage of the local residents was so obvious that the camper van and all gear disappeared in about 15 minutes. In a country with a real environmental movement none of these things could happen. First of all, it is the ecologists that need to promote the creation of adequate criteria about where, when, how and who can use the nature zones and to insist on payment guaranteeing an appropriate level of maintenance. Secondly, ecologists should be merciless towards each illegal dump and each attempt to threaten human lives with toxic pollution. The tragic condition on Vitosha is due to systemic, targeted and relentless counteraction to any project that would allow the citizens of the capital to travel by modern cable cars. The technological process of replacement of the current fully depreciated cable cars that endanger human health and life requires construction activity. It is impossible to use the same posts for new seats; new mechanisms and support are necessary. This is why Sofia residents do not have the pleasure to go to the mountain on a nice cable car – The Greens are not allowing it to happen. This type of activity is an excellent policy: as long as several paid organizers are available to recruit a handful of ignorant followers who will shout and block intersections, the pseudo-ecologists can perform their true role: allocate millions for following the life cycles of weevils, caterpillars, doves, ducks, spiders and various other species from the flora and fauna, some of which are not even visible with the naked eye. Simulating genuine care will be the main activity performed until the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova goes public with the news that the ordinance on camping is ready, Eagles’ Bridge will stay open for traffic, the Romanians will litter our beaches for free, the residents of Sofia will not use a modern, safe lift and the cloaca of green harm will grow stinkier.