The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), for which the site has revealed how its mercenaries commit murders and rapes in Africa and Asia and is exposed as an offshore money laundering organization, has now reached Interpol and is joining efforts to fight forest crimes. WWF has long been exposed as an organization that uses nature conservation causes to make billions.

The WWF branch in Bulgaria is headed by Vesselina Kavrakova, who is the wife of “green” Toma Belev, former head of the Vitosha Nature Park. Approximately 30 NGOs gravitate around the WWF. The leadership of everyone is intertwined in a limited range of people based on family-friendly relationships and dependencies. The pseudo “green” WWF is a lobbying organization that is also offshore. Behind environmental NGOs there are many parliamentary agents appropriating hundreds of millions of European and European budgets. The scandalous WWF is now part of an Interpol project to protect forests in our country from illegal logging. So far, "environmentalists" have not been particularly active against illegal logging, and the only thing they do is use data from state institutions in order to demonstrate competence. Using tens of millions of European subsidies they count Red-breasted Goose, Vultures, Bats, and Dolphins... It is interesting how the "greens" who are involved in different corporate pressure schemes will cooperate with Interpol and counteract the crimes in the forestry sector. Source: